It’s Time To Fall Back To Standard Time Early Sunday Morning

After several months of Daylight Saving Time this year, that time change ends for the year this Sunday morning at 2 o’ clock.
We go back to Standard Time until March 10th of next year.
Before going to bed Saturday night, set your clocks and watches back one hour. However, you don’t have to worry about that if you rely on your cellphone for the correct time, or internet connected computer, laptop, or similar digital device. Atomic clocks and watches also do not have to be reset.
With a return back to Standard Time, you gain that hour that was lost when Daylight Saving Time went into effect last March. And, here’s another way of looking at the change early Sunday morning. You actually get to live the one o’ clock hour over again, because when it’s 2 o’ clock Daylight Time, it becomes 1 o’ clock Standard Time.
Oh, and even though we all say Daylight Savings Time, the correct term is Daylight Saving Time.