Weather Alert

It’s in the mail

The City of Lebanon is getting proactive to notify utility customers about the new utility notification number and will be sending a gift in the mail. The new phone number, (417) 322-9001, is available to utility customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week to report power outages, electric, water, and sewer concerns. Lebanon utility customers can expect to receive refrigerator magnets that will have the new Lebanon Utilities Customer Service number over the next few days. Prior to the creation of the hotline, residents reported utility issues to the Lebanon Police Department after hours, often making it difficult for dispatch to take true emergency calls. This hotline will give our customers one phone number to call 24/7 and help keep our emergency lines open for true emergencies.

While residents are welcome to report power outages, we want residents to know doing so is not always necessary. Each home our business is equipped with a “smart meter” and when a power outage takes place, our electric crew is immediately alerted when a meter goes offline. As soon as it is established that a widespread outage is taking place, city officials will alert residents.

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