A man from Atlantic Iowa has pleaded guilty to boating while intoxicated, resulting in the death on June 29th, 2019, of Jason Russell of Eugene, Missouri. 62-year-old Kelly Wise was driving a 2002 Formula boat when it crashed into a 1990 formula boat, throwing Russell from the watercraft. Russell was a well-known stock car racing driver in the area. Four others were also injured.

According to court documents, Wise said he did not see the oncoming boat and was going 25 mph on the Lake near the four-mile marker.  A probable cause document stated Wise had a blood alcohol content of point 184.

Wise was charged with BWI and booked into the Miller County Jail and posted a $1,000 bond.

Judge Jon Arthur Kaltenbronn sentenced wise to 180 days, but his sentence was suspended. If he completes his probation with no new charges and completes all probation requirements, his conviction will not be shown on his criminal record. If he breaks his probation, then he could potentially have this sentence executed. Wise also faces a couple of civil lawsuits.