Hunting on The Fort

Hunting season is just around the corner, and if you’re planning on hunting on Fort Leonardwood. Seargent Edward Cuneo, a game warden on the fort, explains what to expect.

Other regulations include the required mandatory testing of deer harvested on November 12 and 13. Pulaski County is a Chronic Wasting Disease Management Zone, and it is encouraged to have any deer harvested this archery or firearm season tested for CWD. Baiting for wildlife is prohibited on Fort Leonard Wood, and due to Pulaski County being listed as a CWD management zone, all salt products and mineral attractants are also prohibited on the post. In addition, the antler-point restriction has been removed for the CWD Management Zone on Fort Leonard Wood.

Samples can be dropped off all season at the Fort Leonard Wood Outdoor Adventure Center on FLW K, except on November 12 and 13, when they need to be taken to the Pulaski County CWD testing site at the Waynesville Public School Career Center, 400 GW Lane, in Waynesville. Everyone must check in and out of open areas using the Fort Leonard Wood iSportsman website, regardless of duration or activity. All recreational activity is conducted via the website.