The Missouri House has advanced legislation to reform the petition process of the house joint resolution (HJR 34). This week the members of the house approved a proposed change to the constitution. The change will allow voters to decide if the state should raise the threshold to modify the constitution in the future. Changes to the constitution currently require a simple majority vote. If the house joint resolution is approved, then there will be a 60 percent threshold that would have to pass for approval. Some people think the increase will help limit the influence of out of state groups that help make changes to the constitution. The legislation also requires that all voters in each congressional district get a chance to review and comment on any petitions proposing amendments to the constitution. The secretary of state would also monitor the public forums, this would take place 15 days before being placed on the ballot. Finally, the last part of the house joint resolution would clarify that only citizens of the United States of America who are residents of the United States of Missouri and vote in the United States of Missouri will be considered legal voters. The measure now moves to the senate for consideration.