House Arrest versus Jail House

Property Crimes, Domestic Violence, Drug Crimes, and Crimes Against Person; the amount of time between when a suspect is arrested and when their court case is concluded can be lengthy, and where that individual spends time in between is determined by a Judge and the Prosecutor. In Wright County, Prosecutor John Terrell said in many cases a defendant can be placed on house arrest instead of sitting in jail or walking around unmonitored…

Regional Radio News asked Terrell does he feel like house arrest versus holding someone in jail is working? He said each case is different..

Terrell said that he feels placing someone on house arrest instead of holding them in jail, prior to trial, has helped alleviate some of the strain on the jail system in Wright County. He said that is the idea of bond conditions that include house arrest with GPS monitoring, is to hopefully ensure the safety of the community, but they have to operate within the rules that have been issued by the Supreme Court.