Project 360 provides a safe place where teens can do homework and meet with volunteers who encourage their efforts to meet academic and life goals through tutoring and support. With their Sound House, they help teens 13 to 20 years of age who are homeless with clothing, Laundry, Showers, Hot Dinner, Food Pantry, Counseling, Recreation, Help with finding a job. Patti Brayfield with Project 360 says they have applied for a grant from HUD with housing and to their surprise, the HUD didn’t show any homeless individuals in Laclede County:

Brayfield says, with the help of several local outreach agencies, local government officials, Lebanon Police Chief, Bryan Arnold, Laclede County Sheriff Detective, Roger Sherrer they were all surprised at the homeless population in Laclede County and she says, they may have just scratched the surface:

Brayfield says, the homeless people they talked to were not all drug addicts or alcoholics. She says some have mental health issues, hiding from abusers and some just lost their jobs and had to vacate their homes and had no place to go.