Highlights Of Lebanon City Council Study Session

Lebanon City Council heard presentations from staff on the proposed Fiscal Year 2024 Budget. Finance Director Kat Gill said staff continues to work on the top 3 priorities voiced by citizens, including streets, code enforcement, and stormwater management, and those projects will be reflected in the new budget. Gill shared that the fund balances are healthy, and they can carry over about 17.6 million dollars. City Administrator Mike Schumacher talked about how the financial plan over the past four years has worked for the city positively, and with interest rates increasing now, they are changing the strategy….



The good news from the budget report was that taxes are up 9 percent, and PILOTS are up. Fiscal year 24 expenditures are up over last year, with some major projects on the horizon,
As for the Public Safety tax fund and the Park and wastewater tax, the city is growing into those budgets. Major expenditures include six patrol vehicles, a fire department brush truck, and improvements at Wallace Park.
This city will use ARPA funds for South Highway 5 and Fremont intersection improvements and subdivision infrastructure to increase the number of homes in Lebanon. Residents in Lebanon will most likely see some changes to the utility fees as inflation continues to cause increases in the cost of materials. What is being proposed for electricity is approximately a $3.72 increase for the average residential customer. Water customers may also see a slight increase as well.