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Higher number of Covid cases reported this week in Laclede County

The number of COVID cases in Laclede County is climbing. Double-digit cases were announced by the Laclede County Health Department on Wednesday. That’s the first time that has happened in the month of April. Regional Radio’s, Bruce Wayne, has details on the new cases, and the latest statewide and county vaccination numbers………..

The state of Missouri reported 514 additional cases on Wednesday and has now crossed the half-million case mark since the beginning of the pandemic. 5 new deaths were reported, for a total of 8,737 Missouri lives lost to the virus. One-thousand doses of the COVID vaccine were available at a mass vaccination clinic in Laclede County on Tuesday, with less than one-fifth of those being administered. Herd immunity, and some semblance of normalcy, can not be achieved until around 70 percent of residents have been vaccinated. In Laclede County, that number currently stands at 17.5 percent.


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