Laclede County Health Department Administrator, Charla Baker, gave Board of Trustees members an update on the Health Department’s COVID response during their Thursday night meeting. Baker told the board there are some encouraging signs, but now is not the time for the public to let their guard down………..



The number of Laclede County residents who have been tested for COVID over the past year is 19,835. The total cost to the department for the COVID response is just over 300-thousand dollars. The department has only been able to recoup about 86-thousand dollars of that cost through the county’s CARES Act funding. In November, the Laclede County Commission denied the Health Department’s request for Phase 2 money.

Baker says the department resubmitted the request for Phase 2 funding in November, but still has not received a reply from the County Commission……….

Laclede County received over 4 million dollars in CARES Act funding. Board members questioned why the request for Phase 2 funding was denied, and had to be resubmitted. Baker told the board she did not know why the initial request was rejected.