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Governor Pleased With Missouri School Boards Association Decision

Today, Governor Mike Parson released the following statement in support of the Missouri School Boards Association’s (MSBA) decision to leave the National School Boards Association (NSBA):

“We applaud MSBA’s decision to withdraw from NSBA. Missouri parents value local control, and when it comes to our children’s education, parents have a right to know what is being taught and to have their voices heard. Recent actions by NSBA to paint parents as radicals and solicit unwarranted action by the Biden Administration shows a clear disconnect with Missouri Schools.”

“In Missouri, we have strict laws to hold those accountable who harass or threaten school personnel. Our highly-trained local law enforcement are more than capable of handling these situations and do not need the DOJ or FBI injecting federal bureaucracy into our local matters. MSBA and its members have also fostered productive and successful relationships with local law enforcement to prevent these circumstances.”

“We appreciate MSBA standing up for our students, teachers, and parents alike and recognizing that Missouri will play no part in criminalizing concerned parents. This action shows Missouri schools take parents’ First Amendment rights seriously and will protect Missourians’ abilities to speak freely and petition their local school boards. The state looks forward to working with MSBA in the future to continue advancing quality K-12 education and promoting a transparent school system.”

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