26 people died from COVID-19 on Monday in Missouri. That brings the death toll up to 314 residents across the state. Governor Parson says the state reached its peak on April 7 in the number of coronavirus patients in the hospital. During Tuesday’s press conference, Parson says 1,242 people were being treated in a hospital that day. Since then, the numbers have fallen.
Northeast Missouri has had the largest decline of 67 percent, followed by the southwest region with a 63 percent reduction. In the Kansas City area, there’s been about a 41 percent reduction in hospitalizations, while central Missouri has had a decline of 38 percent. The St. Louis region has experienced an increase of about eight percent.
Missouri Governor, Mike Parson, says the state is in a good place to open businesses on May 4th………..

The state recently did reach the benchmark of testing more than one percent of the state’s population. The current number of Missourians tested to see if they have contracted COVID-19 stands at a little over one point two percent. In Missouri, COVID-19 has a morbidity rate of 4 point 3 percent, while the seasonal flu has an average morbidity rate of point 15 percent.