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Full vaccination number has risen to 54 per cent in Pulaski County

It has been more than a week since The Pulaski County Health Center has released its weekly Covid report. However, the latest information from the Centers For Disease Control shows continued progress on the Covid vaccination front. Last week, the CDC reported Pulaski County’s full vaccination rate was 52.4 percent. This week, the full vaccination number is 54 percent. Those who have received the first dose of the vaccine amount to 63.2 percent of the population. Still, the CDC considers the county has a strong risk of virus spread. The risk of Covid spread has fallen to a moderate level in two counties in the state–Holt, located north of St. Joseph, and Schuyler along the border with Iowa. Ironically, both counties have a much lower fully vaccination rate–36.9 percent in Holt and 30.6 in Schuyler County. The risk in a few more counties has fallen to the substantial category. Not too long ago, every county in the state was considered to be at a strong risk for Covid spread.


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