“From Village to Town”, A book from a local writer on the construction of Ft. Leonard Wood

A new book from local writer and historian Terry Primas is ready for sale. The book is titled “from Village to Town”. Primas writes in the preface: “The construction of Ft. Leonard Wood was tumultuous for Pulaski County and the change it wrought was nothing short of transformative for Waynesville during World War II years of 1941-1945, which is the central time span of this book. Waynesville metamorphosed from a small Ozark village of dirt streets with no names to a town with municipal services and a robust economy. That is the story I have tried to tell.” There are many photos, a trademark of the author’s books, and the story is an interesting one. Books will be available at the Old Stagecoach Stop beginning Saturday, October 22nd, and hopefully will be available at several local businesses. Listen for a forthcoming interview on this station with Terry Primas about “From Village to Town.”