Free Turkey Hunting Workshop

Spring Turkey Season will be here before you know it and the Missouri Department of Conservation and the National Wild Turkey Federation are excited to share important information with hunters. On March 23rd there will be an A to Z Turkey Hunting Workshop, and Missouri Conservation Agent Jared Milligan invites you to attend.

Milligan said they would like to get more people engaged in hunting and fishing in Missouri…

Turkey hunting is a form of wildlife management, and they want to make sure that the turkey population remains healthy. The A to Z Spring Turkey Hunting Workshop will provide information on turkey hunting strategies, scouting and finding places to hunt, safety, rules and regulations and more. The Turkey Hunting Workshop will be held at Laclede Electric Cooperative on March 23rd from 6:30 to 8:30. You can register on-line at the Missouri Department of Conservation Website, WWW.MDC.MO.GOV.