Fort Wood’s Natural Gas Supplier Is Now The Spire MoGas Pipeline

Spire, the St. Louis-based natural gas utility, announced Friday that it completed the purchase of two interconnecting gas pipelines — projects the company called “ideal fits with our existing businesses.”
The utility said in a statement that through its $175 million deal with CorEnergy Infrastructure Trust Spire will acquire both the MoGas Pipeline and the Omega Pipeline.
The interstate MoGas Pipeline — which will now take on the legal name Spire MoGas Pipeline — is an approximately 263-mile pipeline system located mainly in Missouri, where it reaches from the St. Louis area into the central part of the state.
The Omega Pipeline is a distribution system that covers about 75 miles, and primarily serves Fort Leonard Wood, the large Army training base in south-central Missouri.
The two newly acquired pipelines expand Spire’s “midstream” operations that help transport or store gas, before it is ultimately delivered to customers.
Through its existing Spire STL Pipeline, the utility’s previous experiences in the pipeline business have attracted years of controversy and legal battles, ranging from the project’s approval process to its impact on local landowners.