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Fort Wood Soldiers Death May Have Been Connected to Covid-19

A Fort Leonard Wood Soldier assigned to the 14th Military Police Brigade was pronounced deceased this week at the Lake Regional Medical Center in Osage Beach, Missouri.

The cause of death has yet to be finalized but it does not appear to be directly related to COVID-19. However, the Soldier was tested for COVID-19 as part of standard operating procedures prior to the medical transfer to Lake Regional Medical Center and tested positive. At this time, no definitive association between the cause of death and COVID-19 can be made until the cause of death is determined.

To respect the family’s privacy, the name of the Soldier will not be released at this time.

Out of an abundance of caution, Fort Leonard Wood’s Public Health team conducted COVID-19 testing within the Soldier’s unit that resulted in a large number of individuals testing positive for the virus.

All personnel who tested positive are being cared for and have been isolated for monitoring according to CDC guidelines to prevent the potential spread to others. Most of the personnel who tested positive are asymptomatic and none have required hospitalization. In addition, unit personnel who had negative test results have been quarantined for monitoring.

All facilities within the unit have been sanitized in accordance with CDC guidelines. Aggressive measures are continuing to be used to help mitigate the spread of the virus. Those measures include restriction of movement, social distancing and the wearing of cloth face coverings.

Fort Wood officials say their thoughts and prayers continue to be with the Soldier’s family, friends and unit. Their main concern is caring for the family and those impacted, and ensuring they have all the resources and support they need during this time.

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