U. S. Army Training and Doctrine Command has implemented additional screening procedures across basic combat training this week in order to identify trainees who are at risk for Covid-19, or coronavirus, exposure prior to sending them to training.
As a result, the 43 Adjutant General Battalion and the General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital at Fort Leonard Wood have put in place proper protocols and procedures that adhere to the guidance outlined by the Centers for Disease Control to screen trainees who are arriving on post for training.
When trainees arrive to Fort Leonard Wood, they will go to Harper In-processing Health Screening Facility where they will be asked about recent travel to any of the locations where COVID-19 has been discovered in large numbers, such as China, South Korea, and Italy, or if they have been in contact with anyone with the virus. They will also be asked if they have any flu-like symptoms.
Medical personnel will check their temperatures and determine whether they are exhibiting any symptoms of the virus. Based on this information, further tests may be conducted as a way to rule out other ilnesses.
Anyone who has travelled overseas to regions where the virus has been reported recently, or who displays flu-like symptoms could be placed under a 14-day restriction so their health may be monitored and to ensure they are clear of respiratory symptoms. Drill Sergeants and medical personnel will wear protective masks and gear to protect themselves and others during this mission. These are precautionary measures to protect the rest of the trainees and the Fort Leonard Wood workforce and community.
Fort Wood officials say it’s important to note that the recruits will still be cared for by this expert team of professionals and support staff as well as others to help them manage stress while managing the risk. Once cleared, they will begin their military training.
Any trainee who has not travelled overseas recently, and is not showing any flu-like symptoms, will be sent to the 43rd AG Battalion to start their initial military training.
Fort Wood authorities emphasize there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus on post.