Fort Leonard Wood Responds To Concerns About New Gate Closure Hours

In response to concerns brought up during the town hall held Thursday of last week in Roby regarding emergency medical access during the hours the South Gate is scheduled to be closed, Fort Wood officials have released the following statement.

“We understand the concerns regarding the time it takes for an ambulance to respond to areas outside the South Gate compared to the time it takes for someone to drive themselves to the General Leonard Wood Community Hospital on Fort Leonard Wood,” they stated. “These are valid concerns. We are prepared to meet individuals at the South Gate allowing faster access to emergency medical care. To make this happen, individuals will first be required to call 911 to start this process. Our Directorate of Emergency Services has coordinated this effort with all local county 911 call centers involved. Individuals should tell the 911 operator they are driving to the hospital on Fort Leonard Wood and need assistance with the gate. We value all communities surrounding the installation and their health and well-being. We want to ensure all have access to timely and life-saving medical care.”