Fort Leonard Wood is assisting in the effort to provide temporary housing and sustenance for some Afghan nationals who have been evacuated from that country. The Department of Defense recently approved a request for assistance from the State Department to provide temporary housing, sustainment, and support inside the United States for specified Afghan Special Immigration Visa applicants and their families. Approximately 1,022 Third Corps soldiers from Fort Leonard Wood, Fort Hood, Fort Bliss, Fort Carson, and Fort Riley will provide support to Fort McCoy and Fort Bliss to assist in these efforts as part of the task force located there. The task force at Fort McCoy and Fort Bliss will provide housing, medical, logistics, and transportation support.
Units from Fort Wood that deployed this Monday included the 509th Clearance Company 5th Engineer Battalion, 36th Engineer Brigade, and the 515th Sapper Company 5th Engineer Battalion, 36th Engineer Brigade.