Fort Leonard Wood has updated its Covid General Orders to mandate even more restrictive policies which may adversely affect some off-post businesses.
Fort Wood commander, Brigadier General James Bonner, signed General Order Number Five today. The major updates and changes under this order apply to all military personnel on or off post as well as government civilian personnel while performing duties on post.
They include no mileage restrictions for permanent party personnel. Service members are prohibited from patronizing any business or establishment that does not have a mask mandate for both employees and patrons, regardless if they provide an essential service or not. Off-post barbers, salons, spas, gyms, and tattoo parlors are approved for use by service members as long as they are enforcing a mask mandate for customers and employees. All bars and clubs are off-limits for service members.
Personal and social gatherings outside of the workplace are strongly encouraged to be limited to no more than six people. Service members residing in on-post residences can have no more than six external individuals within their residence.
All service members in a training status will execute restriction of movement until further notice.
Face coverings or face shields continue to be required at all times on Fort Leonard Wood.