Fort Leonard Wood Delayed Reporting And Wednesday School Closings At 5 A-M

Fort Leonard Wood officials have issued a two-hour delayed reporting time today for non-mission essential personnel – as previously identified by supervisors.
For example, personnel who normally report to work at 7:30 a.m., should now report at 9:30 a.m.; those who normally report at 8 a.m., will report at 10 a.m.
The reporting delay is issued for safety and allows road crews time to treat roads.
Unscheduled leave policy is in effect for those individuals who are unable to report by their reporting time. Supervisors may permit telework for employees who have transportation complications due to the weather. Please check with your immediate supervisor for more details.

Road conditions on Fort Leonard Wood are AMBER, meaning use caution…
that’s about the same that can be said off post…
i-44 is fine, both the driving and passing lane through most of pulaski county….you may find a patchy spot of ice or snow here and there.
historic route 66 thru waynesville and st. robert is in fair shape with just some spotty places of yesterday’s snowfall..
the numbered and lettered roads in the county will have more ice and snow on them than the heavily traveled roads..
side streets in towns, and gravel roads where the snow and some of the other precip fell yesterday will have snow and ice but the main concern is when you get to where you’re going, the parking lots and snow and ice covered and that appears to be about everywhere….

watch that first step out of your home today on surfaces not protected by a roof or canopy..

the waynesville ft. wood r-6 will have their first virtual learning session of the season….in other words, students stay home and go to school, the busses remain parked…..Classes also have been called off today in
Climax Springs
Licking Head Start
Macks Creek
Maries County R1 Vienna
Maries County R2 Belle
Phelps County R3