(Fort Leonard Wood)–Fort Leonard Wood has eased its Covid-19 restrictions somewhat. In an announcement posted on Thursday, temporary travel, pass and leave movements are now restricted for all military personnel to within 100 miles of Fort Leonard Wood. The local travel restriction does not apply to General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital referred to hospitals. General Order Number One, signed Wednesday, by post commander, Brigadier General James Bonner, now approve patronizing by military personnel of off-post barber shops, and nail and beauty salons, by appointment only. Face coverings must be worn in these establishments. If proper social distancing cannot be maintained with other customers, appointments must be rescheduled to a time when social distancing can be maintained. Off-post spas, tanning salons, tattoo parlors, and gyms remain off-limits. This General Order applies to all service members assigned to, attached to, or performing duties at the MSCoE and Fort Leonard Wood. It does not apply to family members or Department of Defense civilian employees unless traveling at government expense. The change also allows for the consideration of additional Garrison activities to open or to increase occupancy, such as MWR services. More details will be released over the next few weeks as officials continue to assess and evaluate services. Cabins at the Lake of the Ozarks Recreation Area remain closed. Taxi and ride-sharing services are still not permitted to operate on the installation at this time. Family days are still canceled and graduations remain virtual. According to officials, MSCoE and Fort Leonard Wood senior leaders will continue to assess the situation over the next two weeks and make adjustments if needed.