(Jefferson City)–A five-state high-speed enforcement campaign continues from noon to midnight today in Missouri. All State Highway Patrol officers will be focused on enforcing traffic laws related to excessive speed, hazardous moving/aggressive driving, and distracted driving. This high-speed enforcement campaign comes because of a drastic increase in egregious speed and hazardous moving violations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fatal crashes also have increased dramatically in Missouri, despite a period of significantly lower traffic volume. Currently, Missouri is experiencing a 14 percent increase in traffic fatalities compared to last year. Across the state, the Missouri State Highway Patrol has seen a 58 percent increase in speeds at or above 26 mph over the speed limit from January through June 2020 when compared to the four-year average. Troopers issued 4,869 summonses to drivers traveling 26 mph or more over the speed limit during that time.