Financial Transparency Bill approved by the House

From the Desk of State Representative Jeff Knight
The Missouri House of Representatives has approved HB 2571, a bill designed to improve financial transparency and
reporting standards for counties and political subdivisions across the state. The legislation paves the way for
simplified accountability in local government finances.
Under HB 2571, non-charter counties will now have until June 30th each year to publish a concise financial
statement for the previous year in a qualified newspaper. This statement will include crucial details such as the
names, offices, and current gross annual salaries of elected or appointed county officials, ensuring greater
transparency and accountability in local governance.
HB 2571 strengthens our commitment to transparent government by ensuring that financial information is readily
accessible to the public. These measures promote accountability and trust in our local communities. With the passage
of this bill, we can simplify the process to increase efficiency while also saving money.

In addition to extending publication deadlines, HB 2571 introduces provisions to safeguard against fraud or non-
compliance. Political subdivisions with minimal revenues or no tax levies are exempt from fines, while instances of

fraud or misconduct resulting in delayed submissions are addressed. Moreover, the bill empowers the Director of the
Department of Revenue to make necessary adjustments to fines, acknowledging practical challenges faced by
political subdivisions.