Final Candidate Filings For Pulaski County City Offices

Final Day candidate filing was light Tuesday in Pulaski County. As the result, there has been no change in the list of candidates for Waynesville City Offices in next year’s April 2nd municipal elections.
Waynesville Mayor Sean Wilson and former State Representative Steve Lynch will be on the ballot for mayor.
Three candidates will be on the ballot for Ward One council member–current councilman Rob Rice and two challengers: Marilyn Troutman and Mark Sharadin.
There will be no one seeking the Ward Two council seat. Write-in voters may decide who gets elected in Ward Two.
Ryan Bland is seeking the full two-year term in Ward Three. Trudy Dils has filed for the one-year unexpired term in Ward Three, a position she currently holds.
Incumbent Ward Four councilman Robert Hyatt, Junior, will be running unopposed for a full two-year term.

In Crocker, Christine Leaverton will be unopposed in Ward One. Four candidates will be listed on the April 2nd ballot in Ward Two. They are Denise York, Matt Worstell, Matt Pickens, and Michael Criswell.

Only two candidates have filed for Dixon’s three council seat up for election. Justin Thompson has filed in Ward Two and Trevor Warnol in Ward Three. There will no candidates listed for the Ward One council position.

In Richland, Jason Williams and Jason Goldsmith are seeking the Ward One Council post up for election. Incumbent Ward Two councilman Mark Howlett is seeking election unopposed. In Ward Three, it’s Gary Hess and Dillon Zeigenbein who are opposing each other for the council seat up for election.

In St. Robert, the filed candidate list includes current councilman Glen Askeland and former councilman, Dr. Charles Slider, for Ward One councilman…Councilwoman Linda Daniels will be running unopposed for Ward Two councilmember…James Breckenridge, Junior, for Ward Three councilman…and Mike Myers running unopposed for Ward Four councilman.