Filing for the April 2022 General Municipal has wrapped up and these are just a short list of filings in communities across the area..

The City of Lebanon
Ward 1 Gib Adkins
Ward 2 Sheila Mitchell
Ward 3 Jeff Mutchler
Ward 4 Kevin (Kev) Morrison and incumbent Chuck Jordan.
Municipal Judge Mark Rector
no filing for the seat of City Attorney

Alderman Ward 1 Two Year Term: incumbent: Bonnie Black, and Brendan West, Daniel Ousley
Alderman Ward 2: Two Year Term incumbent: Sandy Gentry
Alderman Ward 3: Two Year Term incumbent:Jaron Humiston and Latricia Mayer
Special Road District R: Three Year Term incumbent: Kerry Shannon

Ward 1: Councilman Rob Rice
Ward 2: Councilman Cecil Davis incumbent 2 year term.
Ward 3: Councilman Ed Conley incumbent and Richard Viren 2 year term.

For the City of Lake Ozark
Ward 1 Pat Thompson and Jeff Coats
Ward 2 Johnnie Franzeskos and Sherry Jackson 2 year term, Larry Giampa and Krista Watts 1 year term
Ward 3 David Ridgley

Lebanon R3 School Board:
Incumbent Scott McCowan, Joe Seaman and Amy Waterman

Joel E. Barber School Board:

Levi Angst and Lowell “Bruce” Fulkerson 3 year term

City of St Robert
Alderman Ward 1: incumbent Alderman Theresa Cook- (2 year term) Glen Askeland has filed as a candidate – (2 year term), Susan Davidson
Alderman Ward 2: incumbent Alderman Linda Daniels (2 year term), Jon Byrom
Alderman Ward 3: incumbent Alderman Todd Williams – (2 year term)
Alderman Ward 4: incumbent Alderman Michael Myers (2 year term)
Alderman Ward 4: Tyler Slayton (2 year term)

The last day to register to vote in the April 5th election is March 9th.PATTY Moved File from Future Stories to Public @ 12/29/21 08:11 AM