(Jefferson City)–Some Missouri legislators have lashed out against the state’s medical-marijuana program. Director Lyndall Fraker is a target of their criticism—as about 800 facility applicants who were denied, in turn, appealed or sued the state. Fraker, in the midst of another weekly House oversight hearing on the matter- says the hearings are all about QUOTE “Money and politics.” There were lawmakers and lobbyists who had an interest in potential pot businesses—whose applications were denied and they have complained.
Democrats and Republicans on the panel questioned Fraker’s qualifications – and handling of the fledgling program.
Fraker says he stands by all of his decisions:

House members in a special panel questioned why the state health department used an outside vendor to score medical marijuana applicants- and that vendor is associated with training applicants and businesses who want to sell medical marijuana. They are also investigating whether there were conflicts of interest in the medical marijuana program staff.
The House panel questioned an OA Division Director Wednesday about the bid process. Purchasing Director Karen Boeger says her staff followed state procedure.