Executive Order Issued Creating Farm No-Buy Zones Around Military Posts For Foreign Adversaries

During a press conference Tuesday at the State Capitol, Governor Mike Parson announced he has issued Executive Order 24-01, which bans individuals and businesses from nations designated as foreign adversaries from purchasing agricultural land within a 10-mile radius of critical military facilities in the State of Missouri.

At the press conference, Governor Parson was joined by Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe as well as Missouri Department of Agriculture Director Chris Chinn, Missouri Department of Public Safety Director Sandy Karsten, and Missouri National Guard Adjutant General Levon Cumpton.

Executive Order 24-01 bans any citizen, resident, or business from a foreign adversary from owning or acquiring Missouri agriculture land within 10 miles of critical military facilities. Nations currently classified as foreign adversaries include China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, and Venezuela.

For the purposes of this order, “critical military facilities” refers to all staffed military facilities in Missouri, such as Fort Leonard Wood and Whiteman Air Force Base. The order does not affect existing landowners.