Endangered Missing Person

The Vienna Police Department has issued an Endangered Person Advisory for a missing person that occurred at 174 Ballpark Road, Vienna, at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday(7/13) .
Missing is 51 year old Teddy L. Wilson, who is described as a white male, 5 foot 9, 150 pounds, with brown hair, brown eyes wearing a gray shirt, blue jeans, red shoes and a hat.

Wilson is a ward of the state and has several diagnosed mental conditions including schizophrenia, anxiety disorder and depression that he takes medication to treat but has not received his last doses, which could cause him to become more unstable.

Anyone seeing the missing person, or anyone having any information related to the endangered missing person should immediately dial 911 to contact the nearest law enforcement agency or call the Vienna Police Department at (573) 422-3381.