(Waynesville)–The annual municipal and school elections are taking place today in the state. Polling places are open from 6 o’clock this morning to 7 o’clock this evening.
Pulaski County Clerk David Ernst says precautions have been taken to make voting as safe as possible in these coronaviruses concerning times. He says face coverings are encouraged but not required. Social distancing is highly recommended. Curbside voting will be available for the handicapped and for those who are hesitant to come into the polling place.
The polling places in Pulaski County are the Ark for voters in Waynesville, the Community Center for St. Robert voters, the Dixon Senior Citizens Center for the Dixon precinct, Crocker First Baptist Church in Crocker, Richland City Hall, Laquey School, and the Palace Church for voters in the Big Piney district. Election returns will be broadcast this evening on KFBD 97.9 with reports interrupting the Classic Cardinal game broadcast.