Between the spring and fall of 2022, Ozarks Technical Community College more than doubled the number of students receiving the Fast Track Workforce Incentive Grant. Fast Track pays the tuition and fees for non-traditional students pursuing programs such as welding, nursing and teaching. When the program started in 2019, the financial assistance was a forgiveable loan, but in the Summer of 2022, state legislation removed the loan component and the financial aid is now a grant. The Fast Track program requires that the stuent be at least 25 years old, or if they are younger, they must not have attended high school or college for at least 2 years. In the fall of 2022, OTC had 111 students receiving Fast Track funds, a significant increase from the 51 the college had in the spring of 2022. More than half of OTC’s Fast Track recipients pursued healthcare-related education. OTC offers more than 80 Fast Track eligible degrees, certificates, and short-term training opportunities.