Drug Trafficking and Domestic Assault

An investigation into a narcotics related incident led LANEG Task Force officers and Laclede County Deputies to a residence on Route JJ in Laclede County. At the residence, officers were granted consent to search and when they went through the drawers of a dresser, they located illicit substances. Among the items located was fentanyl and drug paraphernalia used to ingest, weigh and package it for sale. Valerie Jones was arrested and is charged with drug trafficking; because there was a 4 year old child in the residence, she is also charged with endangering the welfare of a child. She remains in custody with another hearing set for June 5th.

A Stoutland man is charged with felony domestic assault. The 13 year old victim said that she was at her fathers residence and having a conversation with 44 year old Kristopher Riley and he said some things that made her upset. She said she left the residence to go to another family members home, and Riley drove his vehicle after her. She said after she got into his vehicle, he wouldn’t let her out. She said at one point he put her in a headlock and she was struggling to breathe. She said he then hit her in the face and busted her lip. Riley is charged with felony domestic assault and is currently free on bond. A protection order is in place.