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Driver hits deputy head on

A Macks Creek woman is being held without bond on multiple charges after an alleged assault in Macks Creek. On Thursday, September 23rd Camden County Deputies responded to the call on Wobblin Way for a report of a woman who was intoxicated and had assaulted another person. As officers were responding they spotted a car coming down the driveway, which went off the road around the deputy’s patrol car. The deputy turned around and started following the car which was speeding away. Another patrol car was approaching and the car, driven by Morgan Janee Bell, hit that deputy’s vehicle head-on. Bell then crashed into the ditch, but wouldn’t get out of the car. Officers dragged the woman and a bottle of whiskey from the vehicle, and she was transported to an area hospital. After being declared fit for confinement, Bell was taken to the Camden County Jail on charges of first-degree assault, resisting arrest, and DWI.

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