Dont Forget to Claim Your Back Wages

Missourians who might be owed back wages now have a new tool that they can utilitze to help them find that money. Missouri Community Outreach Specialist for the Wage and Hour Division, Trini Murguia, discusses where those wages came from, and why it’s difficult to get the money to the rightful owner.

Murguia says Missourians can now search for back wages they might be owed by utilizing the Workers Owed Wages, or WOW, tool which is available both in English and Spanish.

Murguia (Mur-gee-uh) says they just want to make sure that workers are getting the money that they are rightfully entitled to.

More than 3,200 Missouri workers have money that is owed to them, and that money totals 1.4 million dollars. If the money is not claimed within three years, it is given to the Missouri Department of the Treasury and is added to their unclaimed property database.