Donations are being encouraged for family members of a St. Robert restaurant owner whose mother died in a car accident in St Robert and  3 family members were killed in another car accident on their way to the funeral

Donations are being encouraged for family members of a St. Robert restaurant owner Kimsha Rosensteel who lost her mother in a fatal traffic accident last week in St. Robert. While on their way to her funeral, three members of the family–Sharon Farmer, Ukena Farmer, and Stephen Figgins–were killed when a wrong-way driver hit them head-on on James River Freeway Friday morning in Springfield. Rosensteel owns the restaurant Honey Chile’ Please in St. Robert. Upon hearing about the Springfield accident, former Waynesville Mayor Luge Hardman went on Facebook Friday and posted. “For you who have not seen the announcement on my friend, Kimsha’s page,” Honey Chile Please,” this is heartbreaking news. Her mother was killed in a wreck this week in St. Robert. Unbelievably, her family members were coming from Texas and were killed in this wreck in Springfield. Kimsha is Honey and operated her restaurant in Waynesville while I was mayor. We became friends. She now operates in St. Robert. As a community, we need to come together for this family. The funeral expenses will be overwhelming and other members are hospitalized. Kimsha and her family are retired military and good friends with Mary, the owner of Drachenfutter. Mary is taking donations and even selling cookies for the cause. Please stop in and make a donation to help this family.” The City of Waynesville urged the communities to come together and make a donation to help “one on our community in a time of great loss.”