Dallas County Pursuit

The Dallas County Sheriff, Dallas County Deputies, and officers with the Buffalo Police Department were involved in a pursuit in the early morning hours on Thursday. The pursuit began in Buffalo, then traveled north into Louisburg, and continued into Polk County where Polk County Deputies joined in the pursuit. The pursuit then moved back into Dallas County, where the pursuit ended on Hayes Road due to mechanical failure of the suspect’s vehicle. Officers took James Hodges, also known as J-R Hodges, into custody. Dallas County Sheriff, Scott Rice, says officers have dealt with Hodges numerous times over the past several years, and faced almost the same scenario in 2021 when Hodges initiated another pursuit. Hodges has several felony warrants, including for parole violations. Hodges was convicted of resisting by fleeing and possession of a controlled substance as a result of the pursuit in 2021. He was sentenced to three years in prison for that crime. Rice says, since 2000, Hodges has at least 15 convictions on his record, for both misdemeanors and felonies. Hodges has been sentenced to over 29 years of confinement in state prison, one year of confinement in the county jail, and has been sentenced to over ten years of supervised probation throughout his criminal career. Sheriff Rice adds that it’s time for the state to provide truth in sentencing, before another law-abiding citizen is hurt or victimized by career criminals like Hodges who continue to be released from their sentences early.