Dallas County Career Criminals In Custody Again!

Dallas County Sheriff Scott Rice and Polk County Sheriff Danny Morrison were contacted by a citizen on Thursday who was following a vehicle with three occupants. The citizen stated the occupants of the car were at the home of her friend’s sister, lurking around the barn lot.

The citizens began following the vehicle while updating Morrison and Rice on their location. The passengers in the car threw out several items, including an air compressor, Sawzall, and other things.

Rice caught up to the vehicle on Rice School Road, just south of Louisburg, and attempted a traffic stop. The subjects fled at a high rate of speed and turned westbound on Hollowberry Road, where they eventually drove into a field, through the fence, into cedar trees, and came to a stop next to a driveway at a residence on Hollowberry Road.

The driver, Brandon Swigert, and back seat passenger, Lewis Stockman, fled from the vehicle on foot. Rice deployed his K-9 and began to give chase. Rice noticed a female, Hedi Burnett, in the car’s front passenger seat. Burnett was yelling she couldn’t get out of the car and that it was on fire.

Rice pulled Burnett out of the vehicle before the car was fully engulfed in flames. Other deputies, highway patrol, and Buffalo Police eventually arrived, and Swigert and Stockman were taken into custody.

Brandon Swigert had an outstanding parole violation warrant for his arrest. Swigert had been involved in a pursuit just over a year ago and was sent back to prison. Since 2015 Swigert has been sentenced to jail fifteen times on stealing and resisting charges and has been granted early release on every charge and placed on probation or parole. Swigert has now added a new charge of resisting arrest with a no-bond warrant issued by Dallas County Associate Circuit Judge Lisa Henderson.

Lewis Stockman has been to prison 12 times for burglary, tampering, and resisting arrest. Stockman is currently out of prison on probation. Stockman has a new misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest with a $25,000 bond warrant issued by Judge Henderson. Probation and parole stated they would not violate Stockman’s probation for this charge since it’s just a misdemeanor for resisting.

Burnett is also a well-known recipient of catch and release of the Missouri Probation and Parole board. Burnett had a capias warrant issued for her arrest out of Polk County during this incident. Sheriff Rice said, ” It’s time for the Missouri Probation and Parole board to quit putting the good citizens of Dallas County and the State of Missouri in danger with their early release programs granted to career criminals. Give the power back to the counties, local law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges, not some Ohio-based program that isn’t working.”