One unknown of the continuing pandemic is how COVID-19-related claims against businesses and healthcare providers will be handled. Some Missouri lawmakers are trying to address that question. Legislation in the Missouri Senate is attempting to prevent businesses and healthcare providers from being sued over coronavirus precautions or pivots. Senate Bill 42 was originally proposed during the special legislative session in November but was not voted on. The bill now addresses previous concerns that legislation would offer blanket protection to companies but drew new concerns over what standards businesses and providers would be held accountable for. Despite issues raised, representatives from various business and healthcare organizations came out to support the bill. Matthew Panik spoke on behalf of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and says businesses need to know they won’t be liable.


In Missouri, according to the state’s association of trial attorneys, no such liability cases have been brought, but defenders of the bill say it’s better to get ahead of the problem. If the bill is passed, Missouri will join at least 10 other states that have enacted similar legislation.