(Fort Leonard Wood)–A few Fort Leonard Wood Covid-19 Emergency measures have eased up slightly, as reported Wednesday by top leadership on the post. Fort Leonard Wood commander, Major General Donna Martin, says an exception to policy has been made to allow family members to travel beyond 60 miles of the post. However, anyone seeking access to Fort Leonard Wood will still be subject to screening questions and instructions at the gate. This exception does not apply to active-duty military personnel, who are still required to travel no more than 60 miles from Fort Leonard Wood. Post-Deputy Commander Gregg Thompson told how D-O-D civilian employees can put in for leave time.

Major General Martin revealed that General Order Number Two, which applies to all service members assigned to Fort Leonard Wood, was signed on Monday. It supersedes General Order Number One, with updates that include off-post gyms being added to businesses now off-limits to military members. The new General Order says that non-official social gatherings can now include up to ten people.