Contour Airlines Will Return to Serve the Fort Wood Area

Several well populated communities like Dubuque, Iowa, learned recently that they would no longer be served by a major airline.
Fort Leonard Wood received news in the spring that Skywest wanted to walk away from its Essential Air Service contract with the post. This prompted a frantic search to find another airline to provide the service. That search has been successful with Contour Airlines receiving the contract to replace Skywest effective October 1st, with the actual switchover taking place around October 18th. Skywest will continue its flights until that time with no interruption of service.
Contour had the contract before Skywest was awarded the contract for Fort Leonard Wood a year or so ago.
Contour Air won’t be providing service to Lambert Field in St. Louis like before, and there will be no flights to O’Hare Field in Chicago like Skywest is providing now. However Contour Airlines will be flying between Fort Wood and Nashville and may be offering jet service to the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport as well.