Commissioners Discuss Signage and Senate Bill 190

The Laclede County Commissioners spent a good amount on two topics at their meeting this morning. The commissioners met for their regularly scheduled weekly meeting and discussed more information on Senate Bill 190 and the new 911 Emergency Call Center signage. The new emergency call center is going to be completed in the summer, so the commissioners had to discuss what signs they are going to use to put on the new buildings. The commissioners are still working on figuring that out and Presiding County Commissioner Randy Angst says it could be a couple more weeks until anything is finalized. The commissioners discussed information on Senate Bill 190, and Angst gave us an update on how Senate Bill 190 applications have been going.

Angst is happy with how the County is communicating with each other when it comes to the bill applications.

The Laclede County Commissioners will meet in regular session next week on Tuesday, April 23 at the Laclede County Courthouse. The public meeting will start at 8:30 a.m.