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Coast Guard Removes Vessels at Lake of the Ozarks

The U.S. Coast Guard conducted an enforcement operation on Lake of the Ozarks this past weekend, ensuring passenger for hire vessels were operating in accordance with federal law.

Following multiple reports of illegal commercial charter vessels, Coast Guard Sector Upper Mississippi River boarding teams terminated the voyages of the motor vessels Tiki 1, Tiki 2, Fullhouse 1, and Fullhouse 2. All four vessels were conducting unlawful operations with passenger-for-hire excursions, including not having a proper inspection and not having a credentialed mariner in charge.

Captain Mick Scott of the Coast Guard said, Paying passengers are taking an undue safety risk by riding on a vessel that has not been inspected as required by federal law. They also add to that risk when there is not a credentialed mariner in charge.

Charter services that are found to be operating illegally can be subject to criminal or civil penalties. The total penalty under federal law that could be levied against the operators of the terminated vessels could be as high as $53,374.

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