City Staff reports Software could save thousands

On Thursday night, Lebanon city I.T. Director Jarrad Schomaker and Finance Director Kat Gill presented an enterprise resource plan to City Council. The proposal included software that would intergrate day to day operations within city departments, to provide efficiencies to staff operations and for city customers. Currently the system doesn’t provide a link across other software programs
used in city departments..

They also spoke about some of the benefits of the new software to both staff, citizens and businesses, including E-Check options and utility use tracking…

While some of those capabilities are currently available, the software isn’t intergrated and the programs don’t correlate information. Currently the City of Lebanon is spending over $190-thousand-dollars a year to run Encode. The proposed software to replace encode would cost around $137-thousand to implement in the first year, along with a fee for data migration, and $113-thousand in the second year with a locked in price for 5 years. Staff expects to bring the formal proposal to City Council for approval in October, and it will take another 9 to 12 months for the software to be fully implemented.