City of Lebanon crafts Chicken Ordinance

Demonstrating the power of community engagement, Lebanon residents and city officials have worked together to craft a new ordinance, setting clear and fair regulations for the keeping of chickens in the City of Lebanon. This collaborative effort highlights the city’s commitment to transparent governance and the importance of public input in local policymaking.


Previously without specific guidelines for backyard poultry, the city’s Code Administration Department recognized the necessity for well-defined rules to ensure fairness and ease of enforcement. The initiative to create these regulations was sparked not behind closed doors but through open and public discussions that encouraged all stakeholders to share their voices.

Local resident Brett Strickler played a key role in the dialogue, bringing to light the needs of fellow poultry owners at an April city council meeting when the first version of the ordinance was considered. His input, along with feedback from other community members following the meeting, was instrumental in shaping a compromise that reflects the community’s values and lifestyle choices.

Commenting on the collaborative process, Strickler shared, “I wanted to extend my sincere thanks to Chief Harrison, Mayor Jared Carr, and the entire City Council for hearing my, and others’, concerns and for coming to a more common-sense ordinance. This decision allows us to maintain the unique character of our city and continue our homestead lifestyle.” Strickler said his family chose Lebanon because of the community and the lifestyle approximately three years ago. It was the balance of community and available space that made Lebanon a great fit for his family.

Mayor Jared Carr expressed pride in the city’s approach: “This is a clear example of how we want to operate—openly and hand-in-hand with our residents. By coming together, discussing openly, and crafting solutions in a public forum, we ensure that everyone has a voice in shaping the future of Lebanon.”


The final version of the new ordinance allows residents to keep up to six hens on properties of at least 5,000 square feet, with additional provisions for larger lots, accommodating up to twenty hens based on available land. This regulation supports sustainable living practices while maintaining neighborhood harmony.


Police Chief Jerry Harrison added, “Engaging with the community is crucial. This process has shown how valuable and effective open governance can be when we all work together for the common good.”


The City of Lebanon continues to encourage active participation from all residents in city governance. Be on the lookout for the next citizen satisfaction survey—another opportunity for every voice to be heard. Residents are invited to attend government meetings, all of which are listed on our city website. For those looking to inquire, discuss, or ask questions, our social media pages are a vibrant space for community interaction. Additionally, our website is a comprehensive resource for information, and coming soon, a virtual assistant will be available to help residents quickly find the information they need. We are always working to improve our communication and engagement with our residents, and we welcome your input.