A special meeting was held in Crocker earlier this month to discuss the best way to proceed with an abatement order of consent issued by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources regarding the community’s wastewater treatment facility. The Missouri DNR issued the order to the city, which requires Crocker to meet certain regulatory requirements that the city hasn’t been able to meet over the past decade due to a lack of financing. On January 4th, the Crocker City Council, along with the engineer, financial adviser, city attorney, and mayor Glen Smith held a special meeting to discuss how best to proceed with the order. The state wants the city to upgrade a couple of items at the facility, but are not in line with the completion dates outlined by a previous bond issue passed by the city. One of the things decided at the special meeting is to ask the state for an extension. Smith says that means a couple of years past the original date.

The costs involved are to not exceed the original projected cost of the two main projects, which totals about $700,000. Smith says the state will likely help with additional funding if need be.

The council was unanimous in its decision that this was the correct path and steps to take in solving the issue.