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City Buries Time Capsule

What will life be like in Lebanon in the year 2121? We won’t be around to find out, but in an effort to give our future generations an idea of what life was like in 2021, the City of Lebanon has buried a time capsule with several mementos in the lawn at Lebanon City Hall. Lebanon Mayor, Jared Carr, discusses some of the items contained in the time capsule………….


Lebanon Councilman Gib Adkins, who helped bring the project to fruition, says it will be fun for the Lebanon residents of 2121 to see what life was like 100 years ago……….

The time capsule also includes a water quality report, a brick from the old Laclede County Jail, the new City Seal Resolution, which was approved during the last meeting, current City Administrator Mike Schumacher’s utility bill, and a letter from Mayor Carr to the 2121 Lebanon Mayor.


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