Lebanon City Council approved proposed purchases for streets, water and items for the Civic Center during the Monday night meeting. Street Supervisor Mike Moore informed the City Council that the cost of asphalt went down.



Another purchase that was presented to Council was for new vehicles. Jessica Meiners offered the staff recommendation


Meiners also requested approval to purchase 4 water heaters and 2 water coolers which will go in the Cowan Civic Center. Winsupply was awarded the bid at $18-thousand-360-dollars. In other business, Water supervisor Eric Mork requested the purchase of 4 master magnetic flow meters for the city wells which will allow them to get accurate readings of how much water they are pumping out of the ground. The approved purchase cost is $10-thousand-795-dollars. Lebanon City Council heard a request from Mork for an agreement with a consultant to conduct a leak detection survey…….


Mork said the survey company will be able to use advanced technology to pinpoint leaks and give an estimate of how much water is going back into the ground instead of into homes. The survey is expected to take about 30 days. He said the Water department plans to fix leaks as they are located. 3 firms submitted proposals and M.E. Simpson was recommended at a cost of $73,500.