Choices program presented to Laquey Middle School eighth-graders

Leadership Pulaski County members of the Waynesville-St. Robert Area Chamber of Commerce is continuing its effort to present its CHOICES program to eighth-graders in Pulaski County. This Tuesday and Wednesday the program was presented to Laquey Middle School eighth-graders. The main goal of the CHOICES program is to connect with the students and show them there are many things to consider when planning their futures. Activities are based on the principle of self-discipline; what it means and how to apply it to your life. Each activity shows a different aspect of self-discipline and enforces the concept that self-discipline is the key to success. Students are challenged to make the commitment to stay in school and graduate from high school. Students are able to play out different scenarios of what it is like for those who dropped out of high school, who graduated high school, and those who went on to further their education after high school. Students learn the importance of how education is vital to the success of their future and those who limit their education by dropping out and those who don’t further their education what jobs are out there for them. Those who learn that there is more opportunity out there for high school graduates who further their education are more enticed and well-informed to keep their education progressing.