Child Predator Sentenced to 15 years in Federal Prison

A Conway, Arkansas, man was sentenced in federal court today for transporting a Bolivar, Missouri, area child across state lines to engage in criminal sexual activity.  21 year old Daniel Randolph Stone-Taylor, admitted in Federal Court, that he drove from his residence to a location near Bolivar in June 2019 to pick up the 12-year-old girl and returned with her to his residence in Arkansas. When Conway police officers conducted a traffic stop, the child victim was in the car with Stone-Taylor. Stone-Taylor admitted that June was not the first time he had gone to Missouri to pick up the victim and took her to Arkansas. During the girl’s spring break from school in March 2019, he brought her to his apartment in Conway for four days, and then returned her home to Missouri. Today(mon), Daniel Stone-Taylor was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison without parole.